Gotye - Warwick Field

Warwick Field - Colourist

"I have always been deeply moved by the image - my passion became my career and most of my life has been spent in both observing and controlling the light, colour, tone and texture of moving images."

Warwick works as a Colourist based in Melbourne, Australia with jobs that range across narrative, documentary, advertising, music video and video content. His extensive talent and knowledge of cinematography, coupled with visual story-telling skills, results in achieving excellent images that fit perfectly in your film, immersing the audience with the feel and look right for the moment.

Colour Grading services are easily customisable and affordable to suit all types of projects and budgets. Special consideration is given to emerging and student film makers wanting the best looking pictures to launch their careers. Colour Grading sessions can be conducted remotely or in person depending on your needs and location. For remote work, Warwick uses for review and feedback. It is an excellent, cloud-based collaboration tool which allows frame-accurate annotations and is simple to use and share with your team. 

The suite is fully featured with a DaVinci Resolve Studio workstation and Blackmagic Resolve Mini Control Surface supported by Streamdeck XL consoles enabling fast and accurate work.  Grading choices are determined using a fully calibrated, colour-accurate reference grade Flanders Scientific DM240 monitor so you can be 100% sure of true colour rendition for your project with no nasty surprises. Computer and TV monitors cannot be relied on for colour grading and results can be disappointing.

Please contact Warwick to talk about how he can make your next project stand out. Additionally, if you wish, simply send a link to your footage or edit, or some reference stills, and he will get in touch to discuss options and pricing. He is known for his easy-going, adaptable and reliable work ethic along with a tireless enthusiasm to achieve the best possible outcome.

TYPES of SERVICES include:

Colour Correction, Noise Reduction & Transcoding. If your footage has an unwanted or inconsistent colour bias or contrast out-of-the-camera, and you simply want to ‘normalise’ it before editing, Warwick can balance it up and get it ready for you fast so you can start editing with images that are inspiring to watch. Also, it helps collaborators see the images without distracting technical issues that can lead to the inevitable dialog about the original footage being OK. The service can include neutralising and matching White Balance, Brightness/Contrast levels, adding LUTs and transforms, and changing Colour Saturation levels. Noise Reduction can also be applied to images that were filmed with high ISO settings or on lower quality cameras and codecs to reduce sensor noise and graininess. If you have footage that was shot in a codec unsuitable for the edit, or perhaps some different types of cameras were used, Transcoding your footage can greatly help. In this process, footage can be imported and transcoded to the same codec and resolution, LUTs can be applied or transforms used to standardise all the clips. It is then exported ready for editorial.

These straightforward processes will immediately create a consistent look across the footage that is a pleasure to edit with or to show clients WIPs. 

Colour Grading. Full Colour Grading of your project for individual film makers, editors, production companies and for cinematographers. As a DP, Warwick has an eye for the aesthetic from the shooting perspective, and can bring your film to life with perfect story-telling visuals that enhance the feel and look appropriately. Using the powerful toolset of the latest DaVinci Resolve Studio, the capabilities are almost endless. Every aspect of the image can be manipulated by the use of colour and image specific focus, changing hues and saturation, luminance and contrast, perfecting skin tones, matching shots and scenes and all the magic that goes with it. Adding creative looks through the use of hand-made or custom power grades can move the images to the next level, getting that beautiful and illusive cinematic look that your clients will love. Once the Primaries are all set, the next stage is bringing the film to life with the use of Secondaries targeting specific parts of the image. In simple terms, this can include creating keys, vignettes, masks and visual effects to selectively change a colour or tone or enhance/add/remove an aspect of the image to make it so much better. Having your film properly colour graded will help it stand out and succeed. You’ve probably run a proverbial marathon to make your project, so don’t let it fall on the last hurdle through bypassing a wonderful colour grade or doing a basic correction with the editor.